In this paper we discuss the second version of FLECS, a generic, open-source coupling shell that can be used to join two or more arbitrary solvers. In general multidisciplinary computations are very computing-intensive. A remedy against long computing times is large-scale parallelism. The challenge of the present parallelization work is to obtain acceptable computing times and to get rid of severe memory requirements that exist on sequential machines, for the generic flow problems at hand. The aim is to provide a flexible platform for developing new data transfer algorithms and coupling schemes.

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AIP, Conference Proceedings
S.E. Simon (Sunil) , G. Maroulis
Parallelization of Coupled Large-Scale Fluid Dynamics and Structural Mechanics Software
International Conference of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering
Multiscale Dynamics

Nool, M., Lingen, E. J., van Zuijlen, M. C. A., Stroeven, M., & Bijl, H. (2013).
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