Diversity and profundity of the topics in cultural heritage collections make experts from outside the institution indispensable for acquiring qualitative and comprehensive annotations. We define the concept of nichesourcing and present challenges in the process of obtaining qualitative annotations from people in these niches. We believe that experts provide better annotations if this process is personalized. We present a framework called Accurator, that allows to realize and evaluate strategies and applications for personalized nichesourcing.
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S. Berkovsky , E. Herder , P. Lops , O.C. Santos (Olga)
COMMIT: Socially Enriched Acces to Linked Cultural Media (P06)
Workshop on Personalized Access to Cultural Heritage
Human-Centered Data Analytics

Dijkshoorn, C., Leyssen, M., Nottamkandath, A., Oosterman, J., Traub, M., Aroyo, L., … Wielemaker, J. (2013). Personalized Nichesourcing: Acquisition of Qualitative Annotations from Niche Communities. In S. Berkovsky, E. Herder, P. Lops, & O. Santos (Eds.), Proceedings of Workshop on Personalized Access to Cultural Heritage.