Long-term monitoring of the underwater environment is still labour intensive work. Using underwater surveillance cameras to monitor this environment has the potential advantage to make the task become less labour intensive. Also, the obtained data can be stored making the research reproducible. In this work, a system to analyse long-term underwater camera footage (more than 3 years of 12 hours a day underwater camera footage from 10 cameras) is described. This system uses video processing software to detect and recognise fish species. This footage is processed on supercomputers, which allow marine biologists to request automatic processing on these videos and afterwards analyse the results using a web-interface that allows them to display counts of fish species in the camera footage.
Workshop on Visual Observation and Analysis of Animal and Insect Behavior
Human-Centered Data Analytics

Boom, B., Huang, P. X., Spampinato, C., Palazzo, S., He, J., Beyan, C., … Fisher, R. (2013). Long-term underwater camera surveillance for monitoring and analysis of fish populations. In Proceedings of Workshop on Visual observation and Analysis of Animal and Insect Behavior 2012 (VAIB ) (pp. 1–4).