Many database systems share a need for large amounts of fast storage. However, economies of scale limit the utility of extending a single machine with an arbitrary amount of memory. The recent broad availability of the zero-copy data transfer protocol RDMA over low-latency and high throughput network connections such as In finiBand prompts us to revisit the long-proposed usage of memory provided by remote machines. In this paper, we present a solution to make use of remote memory without manipulation of the operating system, and investigate the impact on database performance.

Distributed Systems (acm C.2.4)
Information (theme 2)
A. Kemper (Alfons) , R. Johnson
Commit: Time Trails (P019)
International Workshop on Data Management on New Hardware
Database Architectures

Mühleisen, H.F, Pereira Goncalves, R.A, & Kersten, M.L. (2013). Peak Performance – Remote Memory Revisited. In A Kemper & R Johnson (Eds.), .