We present a real-time wild fire monitoring service that exploits satellite images and linked geospatial data to detect hotspots and monitor the evolution of fire fronts. The service makes heavy use of scientifi c database technologies (array databases, SciQL, data vaults) and linked data technologies (ontologies, linked geospatial data, stSPARQL) and is implemented on top of MonetDB and Strabon. The service is now operational at the National Observatory of Athens and has been used during the previous summer by emergency managers monitoring wildfi res in Greece.

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ACM Systems (acm H.2.4), Database Applications (acm H.2.8)
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Project Data Management, Integration and Knowledge Discovery,for Earth Observation Applications
Conference International Conference on Extending Database Technology
Koubarakis, M, Kontoes, C, Manegold, S, Karpathiotakis, M, Kyzirakos, K, Bereta, K, … Smeros, P. (2013). Real-Time Wildfire Monitoring Using Scientific Database and Linked Data Technologies. In Proceedings of International Conference on Extending Database Technology 2013.