We argue that query expansion (QE) based on the full ses- sion improves the overall search experience provided that we know how to adapt the QE weighting schema to a user's search proficiency. We propose a strategy to predict search ability from session parameters. Us- ing an exponential model and these metrics we set user dependent QE coefficients. We evaluate this approach on TREC 2011 session track data.
Information (theme 2), Information (theme 2)
B. Carterette , E. Kanoulas , P. Clough , M. Sanderson
Information Retrieval over Query Sessions
The workshop is part of the European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR)
Human-centered Data Analysis

Boscarino, C, Hollink, V, & de Vries, A.P. (2012). Adapting Query Expansion to Search Proficiency. In B Carterette, E Kanoulas, P Clough, & M Sanderson (Eds.), Proceedings of ECIR workshop 2012. ECIR LNCS.