Link-enriched video can support users in processes of environmental opinion-forming and decision-making. For this, audiovisual content must be represented and annotated to enable automatic link generation and computer manipulation. Given the time and budget constraints of content providers and the diversity of user information needs, the challenge is to select the information to be captured in video representation. The goal of this research is to specify the information that should be captured in an annotation schema to enable environmental opinion-forming and decision-making. For that purpose, expert interviews were conducted to explore and elicit potential users’ information needs. Then, a user survey was carried out to assess the relevance of types of information for users. Finally, a user experiment observed their behavior and needs when forming environmental opinions and decisions. Possible information to be captured from videos, types of information that users state are useful and information that users require when forming opinions are specified. The results provide insights into the information that should be considered in the annotation of videos in order to make them useful and valuable sources of information for users when forming their environmental opinions.
Universiteit van Amsterdam
L. Hardman (Lynda)
Information Access [IA]
Human-Centered Data Analytics

Palumbo, A. C. (2012, July 10). Investigation towards link-enriched video: user information needs for environmental opinion-forming and decision-making (No. IA-1301). Information Access [IA].