In this special issue,weintend to present recent advances in the growing research field of television (TV). While a few years ago the death of TV had been announced, the convergence of fixed and mobile networks and the ever-growing means of watching, sharing, and commenting TV content has instead created new vibrant research areas for smart, social, and converged TV. The papers included in this special section report on advances in this field with a combination of academic and industry research.
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Bonastre, O. M., Montpetit, M. J., César Garcia, P. S., Liu, Z., Crowcroft, J., & Matijasevic, M. (2012). Smart, Social and Converged TV. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 14(6). doi:10.1109/TMM.2012.2219391