We raise questions about voting rules, and provide some of the answers. The method is to define a number of new formal properties of voting rules, and use these for classification and analysis. The aim is to get a better perspective on vices and virtues of individual voting rules.

Additional Metadata
Keywords voting theory, social choice
MSC Voting theory (msc 91B12)
THEME Software (theme 1), Logistics (theme 3)
Publisher internet
Editor V. Goranko , W. Jamroga
Project Knowledge and Interaction in Social and Economic Networks
Conference W16 Workshop on Logical Aspects of Multi-Agent Systems
van Eijck, D.J.N, & Sietsma, F.A.G. (2012). Questions about Voting Rules, With Some Answers. In V Goranko & W Jamroga (Eds.), W16 Workshop on Logical Aspects of Multi-Agent Systems. internet.