TELEIOS is a European project that addresses the need for scalable access to petabytes of Earth Observation data and the discovery of knowledge that can be used in applications. To achieve this, TELEIOS builds on scientific database technologies (array databases, SciQL, data vaults), Semantic Web technologies (stRDF and stSPARQL) and linked geospatial data. In this technical communication we outline the TELEIOS advancements to the state of the art and give an overview of its technical contributions up to today.

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Project Data Management, Integration and Knowledge Discovery,for Earth Observation Applications , The SciLens Infrastructure for Data Intensive Research
Conference International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems
Koubarakis, M, Karpathiotakis, M, Kyzirakos, K, Nikolaou, C, Vassos, S, Garbis, G, … Gregor, R. (2012). Building Virtual Earth Observatories using Ontologies and Linked Geospatial Data. In Proceedings of International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems 2012.