We present a large dataset composed of events descriptions together with media descriptions associated with these events and interlinked with the larger Linked Open Data cloud. We are constructing a web-based environment that allows users to explore and select events, to inspect associated me-dia, and to discover meaningful, surprising or entertaining connections between events, media and people participating in events. The dataset is obtained from three large public event directories (last.fm, eventful and upcoming) represented with the LODE ontology and from large media directories (ickr, youtube) represented with theMedia Ontology. We describe how the data has been converted, interlinked and published following the best practices of the Semantic Web community
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Publisher ACM
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1145/1839707.1839759
Conference International Conference on Semantic Systems
Troncy, R, Malocha, B, & Fialho, A.T.S. (2010). Linking Events with Media. In Proceedings of International Conference on Semantic Systems 2010 (6) (pp. 1–4). ACM. doi:10.1145/1839707.1839759