SciQL (pronounced as ‘cycle’) is a novel SQL-based array query language for scientific applications with both tables and arrays as first class citizens. SciQL lowers the entrance fee of adopting relational DBMS (RDBMS) in scientific domains, be- cause it includes functionality often only found in mathematics software packages. In this paper, we demonstrate the usefulness of SciQL for astronomical data processing using examples from the Transient Key Project of the LOFAR radio telescope. In particular, how the LOFAR light-curve database of all detected sources can be constructed, by correlating sources across the spatial, frequency, time and polarisation domains.

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Keywords sciql, array query language, lofar, astronomical data processing
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Publisher ASP, San Francisco
Series ASP Conference Series
Project PlanetData , The SciLens Infrastructure for Data Intensive Research
Conference Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems
Zhang, Y, Scheers, L.H.A, Kersten, M.L, Ivanova, M.G, & Nes, N.J. (2012). Astronomical Data Processing Using SciQL, an SQL Based Query Language for Array Data. In Proceedings of Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems 2011 (ADASS XXI). ASP, San Francisco.