Scientific applications are still poorly served by contemporary relational database systems. At best, the system provides a bridge towards an external library using user-defined functions, explicit import/export facilities or linked-in Java/C# interpreters. Time has come to rectify this with SciQL, an SQL query language for scientific applications with arrays as first class citizens. It provides a seamless symbiosis of array-, set-, and sequence- interpretation using a clear separation of the mathematical object from its underlying implementation. A key innovation is to extend value- based grouping in SQL:2003 with structural grouping, i.e., fixed- sized and unbounded groups based on explicit relationships be- tween their dimension attributes. It leads to a generalization of window-based query processing with wide applicability in science domains. This paper is focused on the language features, extensively illustrated with examples of its intended use.

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Keywords sciql, array query language, scientific data
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Publisher ACM New York, NY, USA
Project PlanetData , The SciLens Infrastructure for Data Intensive Research
Conference Workshop on Array Databases
Note The workshop is part of the International Conference on Extending Database Technology/International Conference on Database Theory (EDBT/ICDT)
Kersten, M.L, Zhang, Y, Ivanova, M.G, & Nes, N.J. (2011). SciQL, A Query Language for Science Applications. In Proceedings of EDBT/ICDT - Workshop on Array Databases 2011. ACM New York, NY, USA.