In this paper we investigate the task of Entity Ranking on the Web. Searchers looking for entities are arguably better served by presenting a ranked list of entities directly, rather than a list of web pages with relevant but also potentially redundant information about these entities. Since entities are represented by their web homepages, a naive approach to entity ranking is to use standard text retrieval. Our experimental results clearly demonstrate that text retrieval is effective at finding relevant pages, but performs poorly at finding entities. Our proposal is to use Wikipedia as a pivot for finding entities on theWeb, allowing us to reduce the hard web entity ranking problem to easier problem of Wikipedia entity ranking. Wikipedia allows us to properly identify entities and some of their characteristics, and Wikipedia’s elaborate category structure allows us to get a handle on the entity’s type. Our main findings are the following. Our first finding is that, in principle, the problem of web entity ranking can be reduced to Wikipedia entity ranking. We found that the majority of entity ranking topics can be answered using Wikipedia, and that with high precision relevant web entities corresponding to the Wikipedia entities can be found using Wikipedia’s “external links.” Our second finding is that we can exploit the structure of Wikipedia to improve entity ranking effectiveness. Entity types are valuable retrieval cues in Wikipedia. Automatically assigned entity types are effective, and almost as good as manually assigned types. Our third finding is that web entity retrieval can be significantly improved by using Wikipedia as a pivot. Both Wikipedia’s external links and the enriched Wikipedia entities with additional links to homepages are significantly better at finding primary web homepages than anchor text retrieval, which in turn significantly improved over standard text retrieval.
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Conference ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management
Kaptein, R, Serdyukov, P, de Vries, A.P, & Kamps, J. (2010). Entity Ranking using Wikipedia as a Pivot. In Proceedings of the 19th ACM international conference on Information and knowledge management (pp. 69–78). ACM.