In this presentation we present how low-level metadata extraction tools have been applied in the context of a pan-European project called Together Anywhere, Together Anytime (TA2). The TA2 project studies new forms of computer-mediated social communications between spatially and temporally distant people. In particular, we concentrate on automatic video analysis tools in an asynchronous community-based video sharing environment called MyVideos, in which users can experience and share personalized music concert videos within their social group
Software (theme 1), Information (theme 2)
Together Anywhere, Together Anytime
International Conference on Semantics and Digital Media Technology
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Guimarães, R.L, Kaiser, R, Hofmann, A, César Garcia, P.S, & Bulterman, D.C.A. (2010). Video Analysis Tools for Annotating User-Generated Content from Social Events.