For any two-colouring of the segments determined by 3n-3 points in general position in the plane, either the first colour class contains a triangle, or there is a noncrossing cycle of length n in the secondcolour class, and this result is tight. We also give a series of more general estimates on off-diagonal geometric graph Ramsey numbers in the same spirit. Finally we investigate the existence of large noncrossing monochromatic matchings in multicoloured geometric graphs.
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Keywords Ramsey theory, geometric graphs, noncrossing matchings
MSC Generalized Ramsey theory (msc 05C55), Paths and cycles (msc 05C38)
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Publisher Springer
Journal Graphs and Combinatorics
Project Spinoza prijs Lex Schrijver
Karolyi, G, & Rosta, V. (2007). On geometric graph Ramsey numbers. Graphs and Combinatorics , 25(3), 351–363.