Supervisory control of discrete-event systems with a global safety specification and with only local supervisors is a diffcult problem. For global specifications the equivalent conditions for local control synthesis to equal global control synthesis may not be met. This paper formulates and solves a control synthesis problem for a generator with a global specifcation and with a combination of a coordinator and local controllers. Conditional controllability is proven to be an equivalent condition for the existence of such a coordinated controller. A procedure to compute the least restrictive solution is also provided in this paper and conditions are stated under which the result of our procedure coincides with the supremal controllable sublanguage.
distributed discrete-event system, coordination control
Life Sciences (theme 5), Energy (theme 4)
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Komenda, J, Masopust, T, & van Schuppen, J.H. (2010). Supervisory control synthesis of discrete-event systems using coordination scheme. e-Print archive. Cornell University Library .