The GEneric Narrative Interaction Environment (GENIE) is a conceptual architecture for the exploration of interactive narrative generation in virtual worlds. Specific research demonstrators implement different aspects of the GENIE architecture, with the longer term goal of implementing the full system. A particular feature of GENIE is the adoption of narrative, categorical, and hybrid sequencing strategies for model-based presentation generation in virtual worlds. Narrative generation is concerned with the preservation of spatio-temporal continuity of action within the agent behaviors and events in the virtual world. Categorical sequencing is concerned with the generation of associative sequences of events based upon patterns of semantic similarity and dissimilarity.

International Conference on Media Futures
Human-Centered Data Analytics

Lindley, C. A., & Nack, F. (2001). Categorical, Narrative, and Hybrid Behavior Generation in the GENIE Environment for Interactive Narrative Virtual Worlds. In Proceedings of International Conference on Media Futures 2001 (pp. 65–68).