The everlasting search for new methods to explore the Inter- or Intranet is still going on. In this demo we present the combined effort of the AMIS and DMW research projects, each covering significant parts of this problem. The contribution of this demo is twofold. Firstly, we demonstrate how feature grammars offer a flexible solution for extraction and querying of meta-data from multimedia documents in general. Scalability and efficiency support are illustrated for full text indexing and retrieval. Secondly, we show how for a more limited domain, like an Intranet, conceptual modeling can offer additional and more powerful query facilities. The limited domain case, also allows the extraction and querying of high-level concepts from raw video data.

Very Large Data Base Endowment
International Conference on Very Large Databases
Database Architectures

Blok, H. E., Windhouwer, M., van Zwol, R., Petkovic, M., Apers, P., Kersten, M., & Jonker, W. (2001). Flexible and scalable digital library search. Very Large Data Base Endowment.