In this paper we present a compositional semantics for the channel-based coordination language Reo which enables the analysis of quality of service (QoS) properties of service compositions. For this purpose, we annotate Reo channels with stochastic delay rates and explicitly model data-arrival rates at the boundary of a connector, to capture its interaction with the services that comprise its environment. We propose Stochastic Reo automata as an extension of Reo automata, in order to compositionally derive a QoS-aware semantics for Reo. We further present a translation of Stochastic Reo automata to Continuous-Time Markov Chains (CTMCs). This translation enables us to use third-party CTMC verification tools to do an end-to-end performance analysis of service compositions. As a case study, we are currently applying our method to an industrial application, the ASK system.
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Software Engineering [SEN]
Computer Security

Moon, Y.-J., Silva, A., C. (born Köhler, , C.) Krause, C., & Arbab, F. (2010). A Compositional Semantics for Stochastic Reo Connectors. Software Engineering [SEN]. CWI.