Multimedia constitutes an interesting field of application for Semantic Web and Semantic Web reasoning, as the access and management of multimedia content and context depends strongly on the semantic descriptions of both. At the same time, multimedia resources constitute complex objects, the descriptions of which are involved and require the foundation on sound modeling practice in order to represent findings of low- and high level multimedia analysis and to make them accessible via Semantic Web querying of resources. This tutorial aims to provide a red thread through these different issues and to give an outline of where Semantic Web modeling and reasoning needs to further contribute to the area of semantic multimedia for the fruitful interaction between these two fields of computer science.
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Staab, S, Scherp, A, Arndt, R, Troncy, R, Grzegorzek, M, Saathoff, C, … Hardman, L. (2008). Semantic Multimedia. In Reasoning Web (pp. 125–170). Springer.