Browsing is a useful way of exploring annotated media repositories. Sets of links can be automatically created from the annotations associated with the media items in the repository. When there are also relationships among the annotations themselves, such as when the annotation terms are part of a thesaurus, these relations can also be used in the link generation process. Using structured annotations and a thesaurus for generating link sets has two advantages. The first is to evaluate the effectiveness of the terms in the thesaurus for classifying the media items in the repository. The second is to be able to control the links being generated by changing relationships within the thesaurus. The work is illustrated using video segments annotated with argument structures, but we show that the method used is independent of the media types and applicable to systems that use similar annotation structures and typed relations among them.

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Publisher ACM
Conference ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia
Bocconi, S, Nack, F.-M, & Hardman, L. (2005). Supporting the Generation of Argument Structure within Video Sequences. In Proceedings of ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia 2005 (pp. 75–84). ACM.