We address the control synthesis of hybrid systems with discrete inputs, disturbances and outputs. The control objective is to ensure that the events of the closed-loop system belong to the language of the control requirements. The controller is sampling-based and it is representable by a finite-state machine. We formalize the control problem and provide a theoretically sound solution. The solution is based on solving a discrete-event control problem for a finite-state abstraction of the plant. We propose a specific construction for the finite-state abstraction. This construction is not based on discretizing the state-space, but rather on converting the continuous-time hybrid system to a discrete-time one based on sampling. The construction works only for a specific class of hybrid systems. We describe this class of systems and we provide an example of such a system, inspired by an industrial use-case.

Additional Metadata
Keywords hybrid systems, discrete-event systems, symbolic control
THEME Life Sciences (theme 5), Energy (theme 4)
Publisher International Federation of Automatic Control
Editor A. Giua , M. Silva (Manuel) , J. Zaytoon
Project Computational Topology for Systems and Control
Conference IFAC Conference on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems
Petreczky, M, van Beek, D.A, Rooda, J.E, Collins, P.J, & van Schuppen, J.H. (2009). Sampled-data control of hybrid systems with discrete inputs and outputs. In A Giua, M Silva, & J Zaytoon (Eds.), Proceedings of the 3rd IFAC Conference on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems. International Federation of Automatic Control.