We study the problem of evaluating conjunctive queries com- posed of triple patterns over RDF data stored in distributed hash tables. Our goal is to develop algorithms that scale to large amounts of RDF data, distribute the query processing load evenly and incur little network traffic. We present and evaluate two novel query processing algorithms with these possibly conflicting goals in mind. We discuss the various tradeoffs that occur in our setting through a detailed experimental eval- uation of the proposed algorithms.
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Keywords P2P, RDF, DHTs
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Publisher Springer
Project Databases for personalised ubiquitous intelligent devices , Cracking a Scientific Database
Conference International Semantic Web Conference
Liarou, E, Idreos, S, & Koubarakis, M. (2006). Evaluating Conjunctive Triple Pattern Queries over Large Structured Overlay Networks. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4273 (pp. 399–413). Springer.