A mismatch between different event spaces has been used to argue against rank equivalence of classic probabilistic models of information retrieval and language models. We question the effectiveness of this strategy and we argue that a convincing solution should be sought in a correct procedure to design adequate priors for probabilistic reasoning. Acknowledging our solution of the event space issue invites to rethink the relation between probabilistic models, statistics and logic in the context of IR.
Springer Berlin / Heidelberg
L. Azzopardi , not CWI et al
Human-Centered Data Analytics

Boscarino, C, & de Vries, A.P. (2009). Prior Information and the Determination of Event Spaces in Probabilistic Information Retrieval Models. In L Azzopardi & not CWI et al (Eds.), Advances in Information Retrieval Theory (pp. 257–264). Springer Berlin / Heidelberg.