Identifying alignments between vocabularies has become a central knowledge engineering activity. A plethora of alignment techniques has been developed over the past years. In this paper we present a case study in which we examine and evaluate the practical use of three typical alignment techniques. The study involves the alignment of two vocabularies used in a semantic-search engine for cultural-heritage objects. We show that a sequence can be beneficial. The case study give s insight into evaluation issues, such as techniques for identification of false positives. We see this work as a step to a badly-needed methodology for alignment.

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Stichting Mathematisch Centrum
International Conference on Knowledge Capture
Human-Centered Data Analytics

Tordai, A., van Ossenbruggen, J., & Schreiber, G. (2009). Combining Vocabulary Alignment Techniques. In Proceedings of The Fifth International Conference on Knowledge Capture. Stichting Mathematisch Centrum.