On the occasion of the third centenary of the appointment of Johann Bernoulli at the University of Groningen, a number of linear systems solvers for some Laplace-like equations have been compared during a one-day workshop. CPU times of several advanced solvers measured on the same computer (an HP-755 workstation) are presented, which makes it possible to draw clear conclusions about the performance of these solvers.
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Keywords Benchmark, Iterative methods, Direct methods, Multi-level methods, Preconditioning, Incomplete LU, Krylov subspace methods
Publisher Elsevier
Journal Applied Numerical Mathematics
Botta, E.F.F, Dekker, K, Notay, Y, van der Ploeg, A, Vuik, C, Wubs, F.W, & de Zeeuw, P.M. (1997). How fast the Laplace equation was solved in 1995. Applied Numerical Mathematics, 24(4), 439–455.