Stochastic description of cellular dynamics by the chemical master equation assumes the exponential distribution of intervals between reaction events. Diffusion-limited reactions violate this assumption. Using the example of the target search we investigate the conditions under which a peaked waiting-time distribution can be approximated by the exponential function. We link the steady-state flux and the dynamic property of the diffusion, the mean first-passage time.
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R. Gauges , U. Kummer , J. Pahle , P.M. Willy
Mathematics and Computation for the System Biology of Cells
Workshop on Computation of Biochemical Pathways and Genetic Networks
Multiscale Dynamics

Dobrzynski, M. (2008). When do diffusion-limited trajectories become memoryless?. In R. Gauges, U. Kummer, J. Pahle, & P. M. Willy (Eds.), . Logos Verlag Berlin.