This paper reports on the results of an independent evaluation of the techniques presented in the VLDB 2007 paper "Scalable Semantic Web Data Management Using Vertical Partitioning", authored by D. Abadi, A. Marcus, S. R. Madden, and K. Hollenbach. We revisit the proposed benchmark and examine both the data and query space coverage. The benchmark is extended to cover a larger portion of the query space in a canonical way. Repeatability of the experiments is assessed using the code base obtained from the authors. Inspired by the proposed vertically-partitioned storage solution for RDF data and the performance figures using a column-store, we conduct a complementary analy- sis of state-of-the-art RDF storage solutions. To this end, we employ MonetDB/SQL, a fully-functional open source column-store, and a well-known --- for its performance --- commercial row-store DBMS.We implement two relational RDF storage solutions – triple-store and vertically-partitioned --- in both systems. This allows us to expand the scope of with the performance characterization along both dimensions --- triple-store vs. vertically-partitioned and row-store vs. column-store --- individually, before analyzing their combined effects. A detailed report of the experimental test-bed, as well as an in-depth analysis of the parameters involved, clarify the scope of the solution originally presented and position the results in a broader context by covering more systems.

The Petabyte Data Mining Challenge
International Conference on Very Large Databases
Database Architectures

Sidirourgos, E., Pereira Goncalves, R. A., Kersten, M., Nes, N., & Manegold, S. (2008). Column-store support for RDF data management: not all swans are white.