The coordination language Reo defines circuit-like connectors to steer the collaboration of independent components. In this paper, we present a framework for the modeling of distributed, self-reconfigurable connectors based on algebraic graph transformations. Reconfiguring a connector that is composed with others, may involve a change of shared interfaces and may therefore require a reconfiguration of the surrounding connectors as well. We present a method of synchronized local reconfigurations in this setting and discuss a bottom-up strategy for coordinating synchronized reconfigurations in a connector network. We exploit the double-pushout approach for the modeling of reconfigurations, and propose an adaptation of the concept of amalgamation for synchronizing reconfigurations. We use a nondeterministic scheduler as our running example.
A. Corradini , U. Montanari
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
International Workshop on Algebraic Development Techniques
Computer Security

C. (born Köhler, , C.) Krause, C., Arbab, F., & de Vink, E. (2008). Reconfiguration Distributed Reo Connectors. In A. Corradini & U. Montanari (Eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer.