In cultural heritage, large virtual collections are coming into existence. Such collections contain heterogeneous sets of metadata and vocabulary concepts, originating from multiple sources. In the context of the E-Culture demonstrator we have shown earlier that such virtual collections can be effectively explored with keyword search and semantic clustering. In this paper we describe the design rationale of ClioPatria, an open-source system which provides APIs for scalable semantic graph search. The use of ClioPatria’s search strategies is illustrated with a realistic use case: searching for ”Picasso”. We discuss details of scalable graph search, the required OWL reasoning functionalities and show why SPARQL queries are insufficient for solving the search problem.
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Publisher Springer
Editor A. Sheth , not CWI et al
Series Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Project E-Culture
Conference International Semantic Web Conference
Wielemaker, J, Hildebrand, M, van Ossenbruggen, J.R, & Schreiber, G. (2008). Thesaurus-based search in large heterogeneous collections. In A Sheth & not CWI et al (Eds.), The Semantic Web - ISWC 2008 (pp. 483–498). Springer.