In this paper, the isodiametric problem for centrally symmetric convex bodies in the Euclidean d-space R^d containing no interior non-zero point of a lattice L is studied. It is shown that the intersection of a suitable ball with the Dirichlet-Voronoi cell of 2L is extremal, i.e., it has minimum diameter among all bodies with the same volume. It is conjectured that these sets are the only extremal bodies, which is proved for all three dimensional and several prominent lattices.
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Monatshefte für Mathematik
Semidefinite programming and combinatorial optimization
Networks and Optimization

Hernandez Cifre, M.A, Schuermann, A, & Vallentin, F. (2008). The isodiametric problem with lattice-point constraints. Monatshefte für Mathematik, 155(2), 125–134.