This paper discusses the work-flow control features provided by the GRiNS editor for creating SMIL presentations. We start with an overview of the generic presentation creation process workflow and then introduce the general features supported by GRiNS. We then follow with a detailed set of examples of how these features can be used to create a simple slideshow of the type that can be played in mobile devices. We then provide an analysis of the use of GRiNS’s feature set and contrast these with features found in other SMIL editors. We close with a set of directions for future work in supporting a presentation workflow.
Proceedings of the Workshop on Web Engineering
Workshop on Web Engineering 2004
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Bulterman, D.C.A. (2004). Supporting the Production and Playback of Complex Multimedia Documents. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Web Engineering 2004 (pp. 56–65). ACM.