This document provides background information to create slideshows for the RealOne, IE-6’s HTML+TIME and 3GPP/Mobile players using the GRiNS Pro Editor for SMIL 2.0 software (hereafter called simply: GRiNS/ Pro). We discuss how to create simple slideshows and how to integrate transitions, animations and links for several SMIL players, as well as creating links to the RealOne media browser and related info panes. You will also learn how to publish your presentation for use with the RealOne player and a streaming server and various other SMIL 2.0 media players.
Aristotle Association
Proceedings of SMIL Europe
SMIL Europe Conference
Standardization and Knowledge Transfer

Bulterman, D.C.A. (2003). SMIL Authoring Systems: The State of the Art. In Proceedings of SMIL Europe 2003 (pp. 47–73). Aristotle Association.