This paper describes ongoing work of a project aimed at exploiting Semantic Web techniques to support searching and annotating large cross-institutional digital-heritage collections. The project demonstrator contains multiple collections and multiple vocabularies. The architecture is fully based on Web standards. We show novel search and presentation techniques which make use of interoperability between the collections and between the vocabularies.
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Archives & Museum Informatics
International Conference for Culture and Heritage On-line-Museums and the Web
Human-Centered Data Analytics

van Ossenbruggen, J.R, Amin, A.K, Hardman, L, Hildebrand, M, van Assem, M, Omelayenko, B, … Teesing, A. (2007). Searching and Annotating Virtual Heritage Collections with Semantic-Web Techniques. In Museums and the Web 2007 (pp. 1–11). Archives & Museum Informatics .