We propose a novel type of closing semiconductor switches based on a new physical mechanism-the propagation of a superfast tunneling-assisted impact ionization front. We present numerical simulations of the switching transients in the proposed devices. Our numerical results suggest that with the new mechanism, voltage pulses with a ramp up to 500 kV/ns and amplitude up to 8 kV can be formed. This sets new frontiers in pulse power electronics.
Power Modulator Symposium and High-Voltage Workshop
Multiscale Dynamics

Rodin, P. B., Ebert, U., Hundsdorfer, W., & Grekhov, I. V. (2007). A novel type of power picosecond semiconductor switches based on tunneling-assisted impact ionization fronts. In Proceedings of the international 25th Power Modulator Symposium and High-Voltage Workshop .