We used a flexible XML retrieval system for evaluating structured document retrieval and multimedia retrieval tasks in the context of the INEX 2006 benchmarks. We investigated the differences between article and element retrieval for Wikipedia data as well as the influence of an elements context on its ranking. We found that article retrieval performed well on many tasks and that pinpointing the relevant passages inside an article may hurt more than it helps. We found that for finding images in isolation the associated text is a very good descriptor in the Wikipedia collection, but we were not very succesful at identifying relevant multimedia fragments consisting of a combination of text and images.

N. Fuhr (Norbert) , M. Lalmas , A. Trotman
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Initiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval
Database Architectures

Westerveld, T., Rode, H., van Os, R., Hiemstra, D., Ramirez Camps, G., Mihajlovic, V., & de Vries, A. (2007). Evaluating Structured Information Retrieval and Multimedia Retrieval Using PF/Tijah. In N. Fuhr, M. Lalmas, & A. Trotman (Eds.), Comparative Evaluation of XML Information Retrieval Systems: 5th International workshop of the initiative for the evaluation of XML retrieval, INEX 2006 (pp. 104–114). Springer.