In this paper we propose the DataCell, an event management system designed as a flexible data hub in an ambient environment and we mainly focus on its language interface. The DataCell provides an orthogonal extension to SQL'03, called "basket expressions", which behave as predicate windows over multiple streams and which can be bulk processed for good resource utilization. The functionality offered by basket expressions is illustrated with numerous examples to model complex event processing applications. The DataCell capitalizes the architectural choices and performance characteristics of a modern column-store relational DBMS. The design and implementation of the DataCell does not affect the underlying database kernel and the SQL software stack. This means that the DataCell extends the functionality of the DBMS without hampering the already given features and performance.

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Conference International workshop on event-driven architecture, processing and systems
Kersten, M.L, Liarou, E, & Goncalves, R.A. (2007). A Query Language for a Data Refinery Cell.

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