In this paper, we construct protocols for two parties that do not trust each other, to generate random variables with high Shannon entropy. We improve known bounds for the trade off between the number of rounds, length of communication and the entropy of the outcome.

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M. Charikar , K. Jansen , O. Reingold , J. Rolim
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Quantum Information Processing
International Workshop on Randomization and Computation
Quantum Computing and Advanced System Research

Buhrman, H.M, Christandl, M, Koucký, M, Lotker, Z, & Patt-Shamir, B. (2007). High Entropy Random Selection Protocols. In M Charikar, K Jansen, O Reingold, & J Rolim (Eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science (pp. 366–379). Springer.