This tutorial introduces the most significant findings in the multidisciplinary field of interactive digital television. The tutorial covers a broad range of topics, such as content distribution (e.g. broadcast, internet), user interface design/development, user interaction principles, user-generated content, and sociability. In addition, we discuss current commercial developments such as BBC peer-to-peer service, Google video and YouTube, as well as recent academic research in social TV, and mobile TV. We conclude with an agenda for further research.
Tampere International Center for Signal Processing
Network Infrastructure Support for Convergent Interactive Media
European Conference on Interactive TV and Video
Distributed and Interactive Systems

César Garcia, P. S., & Chorianopoulos, K. (2007). Introduction to iTV: State of the Art and Future Directions. In Adjunct Proceedings of the 5th European Interactive Television Conference (pp. 33–34). Tampere International Center for Signal Processing.