Non-monolithic renderers are physically distributed media playback engines. Non-monolithic renderers may use a number of different underlying network connection types to transmit media items belonging to a presentation. There is therefore a need for a media based and inter-network- type synchronization algorithm. NeighbourCast is an algorithm for synchronising nodes in a wireless ad hoc network. In this paper, we introduce an efficient extension to NeighbourCast, that allows non-monolithic rendering nodes to be synchronised across multiple networks, during a media presentation. Our results show that our algorithm matches the requirements we enlist for non-monolithic renderer synchronisation. Our results meet the requirements imposed by lip synchronization research done earlier.
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IEEE Computer Society
Network Infrastructure Support for Convergent Interactive Media
IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia Workshops
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Vaishnavi, I, Bulterman, D.C.A, César Garcia, P.S, & Gao, B. (2007). Media Presentation Synchronisation for Non-monolithic Rendering Architectures. In Proceedings IEEE Symposium on Multimedia Workshops (ISMW) (pp. 181–186). IEEE Computer Society.