Non-monolithic renderers are physically distributed media playback engines. Non-monolithic renderers may use a number of different underlying network connection types to transmit media items belonging to a presentation. There is therefore a need for a media based and inter-network- type synchronization algorithm. NeighbourCast is an algorithm for synchronising nodes in a wireless ad hoc network. In this paper, we introduce an efficient extension to NeighbourCast, that allows non-monolithic rendering nodes to be synchronised across multiple networks, during a media presentation. Our results show that our algorithm matches the requirements we enlist for non-monolithic renderer synchronisation. Our results meet the requirements imposed by lip synchronization research done earlier.
Networked rendering, multi-device synchronization, roaming, SMIL
Software (theme 1), Information (theme 2)
IEEE Computer Society
Network Infrastructure Support for Convergent Interactive Media
IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia Workshops
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Vaishnavi, I, Bulterman, D.C.A, César Garcia, P.S, & Gao, B. (2007). Media Presentation Synchronisation for Non-monolithic Rendering Architectures. In Proceedings IEEE Symposium on Multimedia Workshops (ISMW) (pp. 181–186). IEEE Computer Society.