Traditionally, an end-user has played only a passive role when viewing commercial media: he/she is expected to consume content, not interact with it. In this paper we explore advanced user interaction techniques in the home environment. One example of such advanced interaction is the creation of micro-personalized recommendations: messages that can be used as a basis for social sharing of third-party content. We describe a system for the distributed creation of micro-personal recommendations in a consumer electronics setting and show initial user testing results.
IEEE Computer Society
Network Infrastructure Support for Convergent Interactive Media
IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia Workshops
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Bulterman, D.C.A, César Garcia, P.S, Jansen, A.J, Knoche, H, & Seager, W. (2007). Enabling Pro-Active User-Centered Recommender Systems: An Initial Evaluation. In Proceedings IEEE Symposium on Multimedia Workshops (ISMW) (pp. 195–200). IEEE Computer Society.