The Polygon Fill styles PATTERN and HATCH, which are quite successful in 2D graphics standards as GKS1 and CGI2 have proved to be less suitable for 3D graphics standards as GKS-3D3 and PHIGS4. However, the emerging standard PHIGSPLUS5 offers a unique chance to successfully employ these Interior Styles (under another name and in a slightly different form), because PHIGS PLUS supports a.o. topologically rectangular parametric surfaces. In this article it is shown how these Interior Styles could be efficiently applied to curved surfaces in PHIGS PLUS. In addition, the possible interaction between the tessellation method and the patterning is shown.
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Computer Graphics Forum

Bakker, M. (1990). Parametric surfaces in PHIGS PLUS: a new chance for patterning and hatching?. Computer Graphics Forum, 9(1), 3–8.