semidefinite programming, combinatorial optimization, approximation algorithm, 0/1 linear programming, graph
Semidefinite programming (msc 90C22), Combinatorial optimization (msc 90C27), Polyhedral combinatorics, branch-and-bound, branch-and-cut (msc 90C57)
Logistics (theme 3)
K. Aardal (Karen) , G. Nemhauser , R. Weismantel
Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science
Semidefinite programming and combinatorial optimization , Algorithmic Optimization Discretization
Networks and Optimization

Laurent, M, & Rendl, F. (2005). Semidefinite Programming and Integer Programming. . In K Aardal, G Nemhauser, & R Weismantel (Eds.), Handbook on Discrete Optimization (pp. 393–514). Elsevier.