Much current research on hypermedia generation accepts user input only at the start of an otherwise fully automated process. However, since multimedia presentation creation is often a complex and creative process, it has multiple phases which would each benefit from human intervention. This paper presents a hypermedia generation model that lets the user influence all phases of this computer assisted human guided process. The main focus is on providing extra support for helping the user find relevant media items and combine them meaningfully into a rich and coherent multimedia presentation. Like fully automated systems, our approach uses explicit knowledge about the presentation's topic domain, narrative structures, hypermedia presentation and distinctions between media modalities. This paper presents a motivating scenario that is used to derive a number of system requirements and to discusses the pros and cons of the presented approach.

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Conference International Multimedia Modelling Conference
Falkovych, K, Nack, F.-M, van Ossenbruggen, J.R, & Rutledge, L. (2004). SampLe: Towards a Framework for System-supported Multimedia Authoring. In Proceedings of the tenth International Multimedia Modelling Conference 2004.