Also for multimedia, there is a need to create presentations in presentation-independent forms and have the final form(s) generated from the base document. We can input our expertise on the specific requirements for multimedia in automatic document generation. In addition, we have experience in processing multimedia documents in a Web context in general and related issues within SMIL 2.0 in particular. We can explain the use of alternative media for devices where text is inappropriate. In addition, different sorts of meta-data can be incorporated into a presentation-independent base document, and device/user-specific presentations can be generated from this base document, using the information captured in the meta-data. In addition, we can explain the advantages of incorporating timing as one of the dimensions of variation in a presentation. For example, adding temporal variations within HTML, using e.g. HTML+SMIL, can allow different types of trade-offs in a presentation.

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Hardman, L, & van Ossenbruggen, J.R. (2000). Device Independent Multimedia Authoring. In W3C Workshop on Web Device Independent Authoring. W3C.