With the increasing popularity of WWW, the main challenge in computer science has become content-based retrieval of multimedia objects. Until now access of multimedia objects in databases was done by means of keywords. Now, with the integration of feature-detection algorithms in database systems software, content-based retrieval can be fully integrated with query processing. In this paper, we describe our experimentation platform under development that fully integrates traditional query processing and content-based retrieval and that is based on feature databases, making database technology available to multimedia.

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S. Nishio , F. Kishino
Intelligent and autonomous systems

Apers, P.M.G, & Kersten, M.L. (1998). Content-based Retrieval in Multimedia Databases Based on Feature Models. In S Nishio & F Kishino (Eds.), Proceedings of the First International Conference on Advanced Multimedia Content Processing (pp. 119–130). Springer Verlag.