In this paper, we present a data and an execution model that allow for efficient storage and retrieval of XML documents in a relational database. The data model is strictly based on the notion of binary associations: by decomposing XML documents into small, flexible and semantically homogeneous units we are able to exploit the performance potential of vertical fragmentation. Moreover, our approach provides clear and intuitive semantics, which facilitates the definition of a declarative query algebra. Our experimental results with large collections of XML documents demonstrate the effectiveness of the techniques proposed.

International Workshop on the Web and Databases
Database Architectures

Schmidt, A.R, Kersten, M.L, Windhouwer, M.A, & Waas, F. (2000). Efficient Relational Storage and Retrieval of XML Documents. In International Workshop on the Web and Databases (In conjunction with ACM SIGMOD) 2000 (pp. 47–52).