Recent advances in computing, communications and data storage have led to an increasing number of large digital libraries, which are nowadays publicly available on the Internet. However, to find required information in that enormous mass of data becomes very difficult. In this demo we present a digital library search engine that combines efforts of the AMIS and DMW research projects, each covering significant parts of this problem. The most important contributions of our work are the following: 1. We demonstrate a flexible solution for extraction and querying of meta-data from multimedia documents in general 2. Scalability and efficiency support are illustrated for full text indexing and retrieval. 3. We show how for a more limited domain, like an Intranet, conceptual modeling can offer additional and more powerful query facilities. 4. In the limited domain case, we demonstrate how domain knowledge can be used to interpret low-level features into semantic content. In this short description, we will focus on the first and the fourth item. For the other two items, as well as for a more detailed description of our architecture of the search engine we refer to the demo web site:

IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering
Database Architectures

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