Most of the multimedia objects distributed over the World- Wide Web are unstructured or poorly meta-indexed to be of any use in retrieval tasks formulated by users in natural language queries. In general these dynamic multimedia objects are man- ually annotated in terms of textual documents. The high costs in- volved in manually indexing multimedia objects, which grow in volume and are becoming ever more diverse in type, call for auto- matic sustainable categorization schemata that are accesible and operational on the Web. These categorization schemata comprise indexing, querying and retrieval schemata. We propose a web- enabled advanced multimedia system as a solution to this catego- rization problem. We lay bare the physical, mathematical and log- ical framework underlying our system. We demonstrate that this system pays off especially in semantically user-defined summari- sation tasks concerning multimedia presentations.

Stichting Mathematisch Centrum
IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing
Database Architectures

Salden, A., Aldershoff, F., Iacob, S., Otte, R., & Windhouwer, M. (2002). Web-enabled Advanced Multimedia Systems. In Proceedings of International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing 2002 (MMSP 0) (pp. 117–120). Stichting Mathematisch Centrum.